Things you don’t know about Wikileaks

“It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” – Voltaire

Long before they published more than 250,000 cables from the U.S. State Department, which has caused almost everyone in power to have a conniption fit, Wikileaks was performing important journalistic service. Did you even know that Wikileaks is a media organization that was created to publish news stories that readers could factually check for accuracy and truth? Well, it is. Here are 14 things that Wikileaks has revealed that changed the world:

  • WikiLeaks showed how the U.S. tried to thwart Spanish probes into Gitmo torture and CIA ‘extraordinary rendition’ cases. Details >
  • WikiLeaks has demonstrated how Australia, Finland and Denmark are using child pornography as an excuse to censor legitimate websites. Details >
  • WikiLeaks showed how the Obama administration handed over Iraqi detainees despite reports of torture. Details >
  • WikiLeaks has convinced the European Parliament to form a transatlantic inquiry into torture cases in Iraq. Details >
  • WikiLeaks revealed how U.S. forces killed hundreds of innocent civilians at checkpoints in Iraq. Details >
  • WikiLeaks has revealed how U.S. soldiers used Iraqi civilians as human bomb detectors. Details >
  • WikiLeaks revealed how U.S. troops were specifically ordered to turn a blind eye to torture in Iraq. Details >
  • WikiLeaks released a video showing a U.S. army helicopter slaughtering Reuters journalists and Iraqi children in cold blood. Details > (graphic video)
  • WikiLeaks exposed hidden logs of the Afghanistan war showing high rates of civilian casualties and other facts previously denied by the U.S. Details >
  • WikiLeaks revealed how Iran devised suicide weaponry for Al-Qaeda use in Iraq. Details >
  • WikiLeaks has revealed illegal government wiretapping in Canada. Details >
  • WikiLeaks released Thailand’s classified Internet censorship list. Details >
  • WikiLeaks ended the corrupt rule of the Arap-Moi family in Kenya. Details >
  • WikiLeaks exposed Scientology, a religion that scams its followers into a delusional set of beliefs in exchange for their money. Details >

There’s much more, and activities continue to be revealed with the release of the cables from the U.S. State Department. For example, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the CIA may have ordered officials to spy on United Nations leadership, a violation of international treaties.

Of course, you won’t hear this information amidst the firestorm that has become WikiGate. Governments and powerful organizations are mobilized to destroy Wikileaks and its founder Julian Assange.

Take time to investigate the stories that Wikileaks has published above. Don’t just swallow what you hear or see from the traditional media.


  1. I watched the video when it was reelased and read the material on the website. If we assume that the pilots were blind and mistook the camera for RPG’s etc even then, the questions for me are: 1) Why attack the truck? I heard the soldier saying They are here to pick up wounded and weapons ; but they clearly were not going to be shooting at the helicopters. Why deny them from picking up the wounded?2) Why lie to the media? Why say things like We have no idea how the children were wounded ? Also why were the wounded children just given to local police? The comment about bringing children to war is horrendous. So many comments could be given about this. But I guess the most important part is that wikileaks is supported. I hope the source for this leak is never identified, and that others can feel more safe in disclosing such information.

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