If Apple made my refrigerator

What life would be like if Apple made my refrigerator:

– Every time I opened it there would be a message stating that i could not enjoy my pomegranate juice until i downloaded a patch for that little light in my fridge.

– When I reached for my dessert it would inform me that I had to authenticate this slice of pie before enjoying it or that i had reached the limit of kitchen appliances on which i could bite into a pie.

– Every 15 times I opened the fridge the food would not be there and in order for it to return I’d need to hold my hand on a button located in the dark corner of my freezer for 17 minutes. Then the fridge would flicker and beep like a hungry chickadee for 5 minutes. Eventually my food would reappear but it would be on different shelves and the wrappers would be twisted backwards or gone altogether.


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  1. For some reason it would not be able to refrigerate around 30% of all food, and It would also swtcth itself off and permanently lock it’s doors if you were unwise enough to put the wrong brand of milk inside it.

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