What I’ve learned about the presidents

When I was a kid I read a lot of books about Presidents. I know why I spent so many hours reading about Presidents: it was because I thought I was brushing up against greatness. I now know that being President does not make someone great.  Greatness, in fact is rarely determined by the jobs we hold. Character, for example, is a much better indicator of greatness than employment.

The thing about the Presidents of the United States, of course, is that so much of what we’re told about them is pure hogwash. The story goes that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree, was confronted about it by his father, and admitted to the deed with the words, “I cannot tell a lie.” But George never did such a thing. He surely lied too, somewhere along the way.

That’s a nifty little tale designed to make American school children believe that George Washington was so pure he couldn’t tell his Papa a fib. Innocent enough, but unfortunately the history books tell so many whoppers that are too often swallowed as the truth. Thomas Jefferson was a visionary leader dedicated to the rights of all free men, for example. Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. Theodore Roosevelt was a great reformer. Balderdash! All of it.

It works the other way too. Some Presidents are unfairly castigated. Herbert Hoover was a detached buffoon who helped usher in the Great Depression. Richard Nixon was a complete failure. These are nifty bumper sticker-like descriptions, but not completely accurate. Oh yes, and FDR – Teddy’s cousin – didn’t end the Great Depression with his wonderful alphabet soup of social programs. The Second World War did it for him.

So, the reader will forgive me if I don’t get too excited about recent and current Presidents of these United States of America. It’s common for Democrats and Republicans to trumpet the feats of their respective Presidents while trashing those of the other party. Next time you find yourself in a room full of Democrats bring up the name of George W. Bush.  Let me know how that works out. Or ask your Republican friends about the eight “dark” years under Bill Clinton.

I lived through those fellas, and Bush I, Reagan, Carter, etc. I have to say things seemed pretty much the same regardless of who was sleeping in the White House. There have been wars, tax increases, tax cuts, scandals, terrorist plots, public demonstrations, recessions, inflation, and so on under each of them. In the end we’re pretty much on the same course no matter which privileged middle-aged white guy we elect. (Sorry, Obama, and you too)

Next fall, Barack Obama will run for re-election. Why anyone would want to be President two times is beyond me. Maybe it’s the comfortable accommodations. Obama will either be a “two-termer” or he’ll be shown the door. Whichever it is, we’ll all keep doing the same things we’ve always done: cheering for our candidate and lambasting the other one. It’s all so predictable, and unlike when I was nine years old, it’s not worth reading about.


  1. Hello. Emery_R, and welcome to JoshuaPundit.In all cadnor, did you actually watch the video included in this article?If you did, and you don’t think that massive, unheard of spending and debt is a way to destroy America, then we indeed have a serious disagreement.I actually agree with you that . But while I admit it’s early days yet, Barack Hussein Obama seems to be moving the celler to a whole new realm of lousy.He’s pissed off most of our allies, truckled and bowed to our enemies and is seriously eroding our military in areas like missile defense at a time when he’s essentially ignoring rogue nations like Iran and North Korea’s efforts to upgrade their capabilities to attack us. Google EMP attacks sometime to see how dangerous this is. And at the same time, he’s terrorist like Hamas and responsible fo the death of many Americans.On the domestic side, he’s vastly increased spending ( much of which has gone as bribes to his political allies like ACORN, at over $6 billion)and . In addition he’s pushing that will vastly increase energy costs for the average American,amount to a huge regressive tax increase and cripple the economy.And we haven’t even gotten to his health care plans, which will lead to care rationing, taxes on employer provided health benefits ( unless you belong to another one of Obama’s political contributers, the unions)and anothe huge debt it will take generations to pay off, if th eCongressional Budget office is correct.Now perhaps Obama and his minions don’t want to deliberately destroy the US…but they’re certainly doing a bangup job by ‘accident’.Of course, none of this is accidental. It’s about destroying huge areas of the private sector and putting more and more of it under government control. Read up sometime on how billionaire george Soros, Obama’s chief backer made his money.If you wish to call that irrational hatred, you’re certainly entitled. I just don’t think the facts bear you out.Regards,Rob

  2. The key to Obama’s relection will hinge on how the eoncomy does. If the eoncomy does not improve, it really won’t matter how much spin he and his media sycophants engage in. He and his Democrat allies will face electoral defeat.Perhaps he plans to get around this by using the police and the military in the same way that the Iranian government did. I don’t think that will work here.There seems to be no question that George W. Bush was an absolutely horrible President. As such, Mr. Obama and his allies are being cut substantial slack by the voting public. While substantial, the patience of the voting public is not infinite. I estimate Mr. Obama has until about the middle of 2010 for the eoncomy to improve. If it has not gotten better by then, he and Democrat allies will face significant problems. If the eoncomy has not gotten markedly better by the middle of 2010, I would also expect many of Obama’s media sycophants to start abandoning ship as well. In summary, these policies being pushed by the Obama Administration seem counter productive to his getting reelected. This means one of three things. 1.)Mr. Obama and his allies really believe these are good policies. Unfortunately their ideology blinds them to the reality that the policies they are pushing are likely doomed to failure. 2.)Mr. Obama and his allies really believe these are good polices. Unfortunately they are too stupid to recognize that the policies are likely doomed to failure. 3.) Obama and his allies really zre trying to destroy America. Assuming they really care about being reelected they plan to use the military and the police to keep them in power should they fail to win reelection.I think possibilty number 1 is the most likely. Regardless of the true cause it does seem clear that Obama and his team MUST be stopped!! Even if we could stop them now, it will likely take some time to undo the damage they have caused. I think it is likely that the full effects of their boneheaded policies have not been fully felt yet. Best case scenario is the damage could be undone in a decade.

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