300 words about cell phone ringtones

The most blatant example of America’s dumbfounded fascination with technology is the public’s narcissistic obsession with ringtones. These “vanity jingles” are annoying and embarrassing. If I had big money – Bill Gates money – I know what I would do. I’d purchase the rights to every song in the world and then I’d launch a company that sold ringtones. You’d be able to purchase and download a ringtone from any song you liked for just 29 cents. That’s it. With the press of a button or the click of the mouse the clip would be zipped off to your cell phone. Presto! Then, when your phone rang you’d get a shock – “Never Gonna Give You Up” would blare from your mobile device. The ultimate “Rick Roll.” And there’s nothing anyone could do about it, because I’d legally own the rights to every song in the world. When I walked down the street the sounds of my wicked prank would wrap around me like a blanket. Sweet music, sweet music indeed.


  1. I know one day I will have to give in and get a cell phone. But I don’t know which one. The big three seem to be Blackberry, Android, and iPhone. It seems to be an even running race. No matetr who I talk to, they love their phone. And now there are Pads and I don’t know why someone would want a Pad and a Phone, since they both seem to be nearly identical. And of course, after all these years of designing websites for larger and larger screens, now, to not have a corresponding cellphone and pad monitor size is just not acceptable. I understand Facebook can reproduce about 5 versions of each persons presence completely by programming. That’s amazing. But back to my comment: Which cell phone? From Still looking

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